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Monday, February 19, 2007

Twilight Zone Club "Where is Everybody?" 2/19/07

"Where is Everybody?"

Hello everyone,

We are moving right along! We now have 12 subscribers, which is really awsome.

In this episode, I shared some books I have as part of my Twilight Zone collection. They are:

  • "The Twilight Zone, the Original Stories" Edited by Martin Harry Greenburg, Richard Matheson, and Charlies G. Waugh
  • "Twilight Zone Scripts & Stories" by George Clayton Johnson
  • "The Twilight Zone Companion" by Marc Scott Zicree
  • "Rod Serking's The Twilight Zone" Adapted by Walter B. Gibson
  • "More Twilight Zone" by Rod Serling
  • "The New Twilight Zone" Edited by Martin H. Greenburg

You can purchase these books at or other bookstores.

There are other podcasts that I mentioned on the show. You can find links to those on the website under Sharon's Favorite Links."

Discussion questions for our next episode where we will be talking about "One for the Angels." are:

  • Did you like this episode? Why or why not?
  • What is your first impression of Mr. Bookman when you first see him?
  • When Loou Bookman seemed to outsmart Death after they made their bargain, Death said that he would have to select another alternative since Bookman wouldn't go with him willingly. Why do you think Death chose Maggie? Do you think it was a random selection, or did Death have a reason for choosing her?
  • Do you think Death meant to get caught up in Bookman's big pitch or do you think he had every intention to take Maggie at midnight?

I would love to hear from you! Participation and feedback from listeners is very much appreciated. Please send answers to the questions, comments about the show or the Twilight Zone, and any other insights can be e-mailed to me here. Please include the word "Podcast" in your subject line so that your message may be filtered to my special folder for the podcast. It will help insure that I won't accidentally miss your e-mail.

MP3 Link to this episode

Stay warm and have a wonderful and safe week,


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