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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Twilight Zone Club - Introduction, 2/15/07

Twilight Zone Club
Introduction, 2/15/07

Hello everyone,

This is an introduction to my Twilight Zone Discussion Podcast. I am brand new at this whole thing, but I have enjoyed creating this introduction. I'm hoping this will take off quickly.

I felt the need for this podcast because I don't believe there is a podcast geared toward discussing "The Twilight Zone" episodes. However, there are many, many fans of this series and who probably enjoy discussing the show with other fans. This is the perfect place. Study questions and food for thought will be posted regularly to this blog. I welcome your answers and comments. My goal is for this podcast to be interactive where you, the listeners, will contribute so you won't always be subjectec to my opinions and answers all the time.:) Answers to the questions and comments can be e-mailed to me here.

If you wold like to be mentioned on the show, you can do the following:
  • Subscribing to the podast and sending me a hello
  • Answering the study questions
  • Providing some insights and comments of your own about the episode we're discussing or about this podcast.

Some questions to consider that you may answer:

  • How long have you been a Twilight Zone fan?
  • What or who peaked your interest in the series? Please explain how you became a fan.
  • What is your favorite Twilight Zone episode and why?
  • What is your least favorite Twilight Zone episode and why?
  • Which Twilight Zone episode creeped you out the most? Please explain.

In our next episode, we'll discuss the premiere epsisode entitled "Where is Everybody?" We'll begin with the first season and work out way in order to the end. There will be a lot to discuss, as there are five seasons in this series. Once we're done with that, we might feel inclined to discuss the remakes of this series, although there's nothing that compares with these classic episodes.

I will try to get the podcast out each week.

MP3 link to Introductory Episode

Please come join is in...The Twilight Zone.


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