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Thursday, March 1, 2007

"One for the Angels" - Episode 2 - 3/1/07

Twilight Zone Club - "One for the Angels"
Episode 2 - 3/1/07

On today's show, we discussed the episode "One for the Angels," whcih originally aired on October 9th, 1959.

We now have 16 subscribers! That is wonderful indeed. I'm hoping as time goes on and that the word about this podcast gets out, it will become a big source of enjoyment for Twilight Zone fans.

Next up will be "Mr. Denton on Doomsday." Below are the discussion questions:

  • Did you like this episode? Why or why not?
  • Did you feel sorry for Al Denton? Please explain.
  • If you were a character in this episode, would you be picking on Al Denton or would you have wanted to break it up like Liz Smith did?
  • Did you expect the episode to end the way it did? Were you happy with the ending?
  • Do you think Al Denton would have remained sober and lived happily ever after with Liz Smith or do you think he would eventually go back to the bottle?

You can send answers to these questions via e-mail. Comments about the show, podcast, any of the episodes, insights, or other feedback can also be sent to me via e-mail.

We now have a voice mail number which you may call if you would like to give feedback using that method. That number is 206-350-2613. When you call in, I will play your message on the show. I would love to hear from you no matter which method you use. A more interactive podcast is a more interesting one.

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I look forward to our next episode.