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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Episode 3 - "Mr. Denton on Doomsday" and "The 16 mm Shrine"

It is great to be back after a long absence. Unfortunately, the podcast has been off the air due to life's litlte unforeseeable events. I've done an overhaul of my sound system, so we now have a better audio quality.

In our last episodes, we discussed "Where is Everybody?" and "One for the Angels." Instead of doing just one episode per podcast. I want to tackle two in one show. Another change is that I will review the episode rather than go through a series of study questions. It covers the types of questions I've asked in the past but compacts it a bit more.

We now have 115 subscribers!!! I'd like to thank you for hanging in with me and for yoru e-mails asking if the show would continue. :)

We've gotten some mixed reviews on ITunes. Some really enjoy the show and others don't. That's okay because nobody can please everyone. This is a new avenue for me, so it's an experiment and an experience in growth and learning. I'm always looking for new ways to make the show innovative and fun. Any suggestions and feedback is certainly welcome.

Review for "Mr. Denton on Doomsday"
Written by Sharon Hawkinson
This was not one of my favorite episodes. When I first saw it, I had a hard time concentrating on it. Perhaps a part of it was because I’m not a western fan nor a fan of western settings. I had to watch the episode a number of times before I caught the meaning and theme of it (call me a ditzy blond).

Al Denton was someone to pity. Yes, he was the town drunk, but there was obviously a reason as to why he got into that shape. He was a well known gunslinger, a perfect shot who could drop his opponent just like that. It’s a heck of a thing to be famous for. I would say it would drive many a person to drink, knowing that your existence is based on the kill-or-be-killed statement.
This episode certainly proves that, even though a person can hit rock bottom, there are ways to climb out of the pit. Thanks to Henry J. Fate, Al Denton is given a second chance. Once again, he falls into his old gun slinging fame, but in the end, he doesn’t win, nor does he lose. Both he and his opponent are shot in their good hands, thus ending their careers as famous shooters.

Now, does Denton stay reformed? Yes, I believe so. I feel he has learned a lot from his days as a drunk and knows he doesn’t want to go back to that. He would not want to once again lose the respect of the town, and last but certainly not least, there is a woman who is sweet on him. She believed in him and stuck up for him even when Denton couldn’t do that for himself. If an epilogue was in the works, it would probably point out that he and Liz Smith (the said woman) probably got married and now had a family. Remember, in the episode, it was said that it was a story to tell his grandchildren and now, he’d live to have them.

My rating for this episode – three out of five stars.
Review For "The 16 mm Shrine."
Written by Sharon Hawkinson
Barbara Jean Trenton is an aging, washed-up actress who yearns for her former glory days. She spends her days and nights in her private screen room where over and over, she watches her own films, reveling in the romantic lead parts she played. She wishes with all her heart that things could be as they once were.

Ida Lupino was a terrific actress who played this role wonderfully. She captured the emotions of Barbara Jean exquisitely and truly brought her to life. Although Lupino did a marvelous job, I don’t particularly care for Barbara Jean as someone I might like. To me, she was arrogant, spoiled, demanding, and somewhat snobbish. Of course, these qualities still exist in her older self.

I do pity her in some ways, however. It’s hard for some people to grow old. Not only do they age physically, but times also change. Barbara Jean can’t accept that she is no longer romantic leading lady material. She is given a chance for a role playing a mother, but she is devastated by that prospect. She is further driven over the edge when the present day Jerry Hearnden pays her a visit, and she is shocked at his aged appearance.

On the other hand, Barbara Jean is not the only one this happens to. Had she been able to accept her fate, she might have still enjoyed a fine acting career. Yes, it would have been different than it was during her prime, but a career still could have been salvaged.

The ending of the episode is quite fitting for Barbara Jean. She wishes to go back to a place where she was carefree, admired, and loved…and that is exactly what she gets. She winds up inside a movie clip of times gone by. The last time we see Barbara Jean is when she invites her guests into her home for a get-together. She then draws closer to the “audience” (this audience being her agent), blows him a kiss, throws a scarf, and then, the film ends. She is never seen again.

My rating for this episode – four out of five stars.
Someone asked if I actually put the shows in the podcast. No, I don't due ot copyright laws. However, you can watch episodes online. Here are some links:
There's a nice website where I find episode synopses:
My goal for this podcast is to make it interactive. I wil be glad to share messages and comments in future episodes. There are a variety of ways ot contact me and to be mentioned on teh show.
You can e-mail me.
You can leave a message on the blog.
You can use our voice mial number: 206-426-7408.
As stated before, feedback is certainly welcome. Please tell me waht you think of the show and the episodes we discuss. You ae certainly welcome ot send or call in reviews of the episodes and I will share them in future shows. When reviewing an episode, here are some things to think about.
  • Did you like the episode? Why or why not?
  • What was the theme and meaning of the episode?
  • Did you like the character(s), story, plot, setting, etc.
  • What stuck out for you in the particular episode?
  • You can also include anything else that comes to mind.

In our next episode, we will discuss "Walking Distance" and "Escape Clause." I look forward to hearing from you and sharing waht you have to say in our next episode.

Wishing you a happy week,


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